Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is your jewelry handmade?

   A: Yes, each piece is created by hand by one human in my tiny studio in    Portland, Oregon. I hammer, saw, solder and carve each piece with love.

Q: What kinds of materials do you create your jewelry from?

   A: Currently I work with sterling silver and brass primarily. As for stones, I love all of them, and go through phases where I can't get enough of a type of stone for a while and then have a new favorite. There are few stones I stay away from, just based on their softness/toxicity however.

Q: How do I find my ring size?

   A: The best way to find your ring size is to be sized at a jeweler, even a department store will do. It is not ideal to guess. There are many charts online that can help you find your size by sizing rings that fit. However you do it, be sure to be thorough, I don't recommend guessing. That said, there's no reason you can't buy perfectly fitted ring off the internet, just do your due diligence.

Q: Do you do repairs or resizing?

   A: I won't repair or resize jewelry that I didn't make. For items that I made, I will repair items that become damaged in the process of arrival. If you have any issues with your item, please contact me ASAP: Palomaadornments@gmail.com.  Resizing is a delicate process, and risky to boot. In general, I won't resize rings unless stones can be easily removed.

Q: How to do I care for my jewelry?

   A: Different stones and metals require different levels of care. Consider the softness of your stone first. I recommend doing research or asking for specific care instructions if needed. 

Sterling silver tarnishes less if worn often, but if you need to store it, store it in an airtight bag. Sunshine cloths are great for polishing. 

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

   A: Paloma isn't an ideal wholesale brand as most items are one of a kind. At this time, I'm not doing wholesale. 

 Q: Do you offer custom items?

   A:  I usually do! I love creating items that are personal and special meaning for you or someone you love.

I have made custom talismans, pendants, and rings. Generally I try to stay within my design style, but that is ever-changing so I'm also open to trying something new.

Occasionally however, it isn't a good fit so it feels important to mention that here as well. 

   Email me to inquire about a custom piece, or with any questions.